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Real Estate in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Unique Properties! Your real estate office in Costa Rica.

Buy properties in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Unique Properties has been operating as a full service real estate company in Costa Rica over 20 years, during this time we have been providing expert advice and assistance for buying land, ocean view condos, retirement homes and investment properties. Contact our Real Estate office and find residential houses, lots, farms, and much more ideal properties either in a Guanacaste beautiful beach or any city of Costa Rica.

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The Inspiration

The perspective of town founder, Charles Brewer:

"The inspiration for Las Catalinas began with my frustration with the beach vacation experiences available to my family and me. We are passionate about the experience that a compact, walkable beach town can provide, but we couldn't find one in the new world tropics. On a separate but converging track, I've had a lifelong love of the hilltowns of the Mediterranean. To me, they are the most magical places that man has ever created.

When we were introduced to Las Catalinas — with its fantastic hills, views and beaches — the merger of our mission to build a beautiful beach town and my lifelong fascination with hilltowns was instantaneous and complete.

We've taken many of our cues on planning and hilltown technique from the old world. We've learned lessons about development programming from the New Urbanism movement in the USA. In Latin America, including close by in Guanacaste, we found inspiration in the fine finishes, the magnificent craftsmanship and the architectural details."

The Vision

Imagine a village with inviting walkways cascading down the hillside to a pair of broad crescent beaches. Along the way, you encounter plazas teeming with life and innocent temptations - enchanting little cafés, bookstores and boutique shops for your every pleasure. Every street leads to a scenic overlook. Every home frames incredible views. It's a place you want to take your family, a place to explore, a place where you re-experience the wonder you had as a child.

At Las Catalinas, we envision a finely crafted town made up of a mix of private homes, small hotels and inns, commercial establishments, civic buildings and recreational facilities. All elements will be arranged to create a series of wonderful, walkable public spaces interwoven with nature. Architecture will be adapted for outdoor living. Motorized vehicles will be conspicuously absent. A constant ebb and flow of fellow homeowners and visitors will enrich the scene. Embracing the town will be nearly 1,000 acres of adventurous hiking, biking and horseback trails.

The Plans

We purchased Las Catalinas in August of 2006 and began our initial phase of building in the fall of 2009. Our intention is to make this timeless seaside hamlet one of the most beautiful and delightful places ever built and to provide a superlative experience for the people who live here—be it full-time or for just one night. In Las Catalinas, there will be a big emphasis on walkability… on creating a rich public realm that embraces the joy of getting around under your own power.

Please click here (PDF) to download the Master Plan.

Construction began last November on Phase Zero—seven homes for the families of the ownership group, a beach and bike outfitter, a vibrant beachfront park, an extensive trail system and our first restaurant, Lola's del Norte, owned and operated by the proprietors of the phenomenal Lola's in Playa Avellana. The first of our buildings will open in late 2010. Phase Zero will soon continue with another seven homes and a 16-room inn.

Phase One will follow, with plans for 34 more homes, a beach club and another small hotel or inn. The vision and the place will evolve together, each one learning from the other. And so it should be, as it has always been, with the stories of the beautiful beach towns of the world.

What´s Available

Phase Zero Plus Residential Homes

Seven fantastic two and three bedroom beachside villas adjacent to Playa Danta are now available. These beautiful, one-of-a kind homes complement the original seven founders' residences.  The pricing on these homes is compelling. 

Please click here (PDF) to view the Phase Zero Illustrative Plan.

Please click here (PDF) to view the Phase Zero Price List

To see more, please click here to view a gallery of plans, or click the links below to download the individual plans in PDF format:

Federico Marin Schumacher. Costa Rica Realtor.
Contact for more information : Federico A. Marin-Schumacher.

Phones : ( 506 ) 8384-2216 / ( 506 ) 8990-0703.
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fams04@yahoo.com / marschu@racsa.co.cr


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