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Real Estate in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Unique Properties! Your real estate office in Costa Rica.

Buy properties in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Unique Properties has been operating as a full service real estate company in Costa Rica over 20 years, during this time we have been providing expert advice and assistance for buying land, ocean view condos, retirement homes and investment properties. Contact our Real Estate office and find residential houses, lots, farms, and much more ideal properties either in a Guanacaste beautiful beach or any city of Costa Rica.









Real Estate in Costa Rica

  • Highly Educated, skilled and easy train and productive human resources at a reasonable cost.
  • Political, economical and social stability.
  • Legal guarantees, predictability and economic freedom.
  • Strategic location in the center of the Americas, with the same standard time zone as Central U.S.
  • Export-Oriented infraestructure, reliable power and advanced telecommunications.
  • Preferential access to important markets.
  • Attractive tax incentives.
  • Good company of other important foreing corporation. (Four Seasons, Marriot, Hilton, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Sykes)

With just over 51,000 square kilometers (20,000 square miles) Costa Rica is a relatively small country, only slightly larger than the State of New Jersey or Netherlands. Its population is pegged at just over 4 million, with over half living in and around the cities of San Jose, the country's capital, Alajuela and Cartago.

These three cities are situated on the “Meseta Central,” a plateau at 1,200 meter altitude (4,000 feet) approximately centered within the country, boasting a mild climate year-round. It is on this plateau and along its spines that you'll find the famous cloud forests and some of the world's most spectacular volcanoes.

Historically, Costa Rica has been one of Latin America's most stable democracies. The political system is a long-standing Constitutional democracy with a Legislature directly elected in free, multiparty elections every four years.

The most recent elections in Costa Rica took place in February 2006 and Oscar Arias (former President of Costa Rica from 1986 to 1990 and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work for Central American peace) was reelected and took office on May 8, 2006.

The Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica by Christopher Howard states: “This beautiful country is so appealing because it has the warmth and flavor of Mexico, without anti-Americanism and fear of government expropriations; the physical beauty of Guatemala without a large military presence; and the sophistication of Brazil without the abject poverty or serious violent crime.”

Quick Facts About Costa Rica:


Country capital: San José
Area: 51,000 square kilometers (19,652 sq. miles)
Languague: Spanish
Location: Located in the Central American isthmus, immediately north of Panama, with ports in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and 153 highway miles between them.


4.0 million
Density: 78.4 inhabitants per square kilometer (203.5 inhabitants per sq. mile)
Major metropolitan center: San Jose (1 M )
By sex: men: 49,86% women: 50,14%
Total labor force: 1,7 million
Economically active population: 42.3%
Unemployment rate 2008: 4.6%
Underemployment rate 2008: 7.6 %


GDP in millions of US$ 16,841
Per capita GDP in US$ 4,130
Exports (FOB) in millions of US$ 5,224
Imports (CIF) in millions of US$ 6,997
Inflation rate 10.0%
Devaluation rate 9.9%






Our Real Estate Company is full member of:

Int. Federation of Real Estate Agents.
Costa Rica Chamber of Realtors. American Chamber of Commerce. Urban Land Institute. U.S.A Asociation of Real Estate agents of U.S


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